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Dumb and Stupid Invention- Pet Rock (Gary Dahl)

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How to Care For Your Pet Rock

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Popular Videos - Pet Rock & Vehicles

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10 most useless products ever invented

Worst invention

THE PET ROCK Infomercial

Your very own pet Dino!

St?n: The World's First App-Enabled Rock

HobbyFrog Buys a REAL Frog! New REPTILE Pet From Petco HobbyKidsTV

Cosmic Rock

10 WEIRD INVENTIONS That Made Millions

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Pet Rock

7 Stupid Inventions That Made Millions!

Shark Tank - Saturday Night Live

Pet Rock Infomercial

Awesome homemade AIR POWERED bottle rocket!

EXiNTiN: [Original] - GLITCHDAY

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Dumb pet rock thing

How Basketball Got Started The History Of Basketball

EXiNTiN: [Orignal] - Fangz In Nightz

EXiNTiN: [Original] - Minutes


Pet Rock Commercial

pet rock commercial

41 Amazing Inventions

70s Tech: The Punch-O-Matic and Million Dollar Logo

EXiNTiN: [Mashup] - SOuL



Pop Rocks and Soda Experiment

jump to conclusions mat office space


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