theodore oconnor
RIP Teddy O'Connor

Theodore O'Connor: Rocking Horse Stadium (OI)

2008 Rolex Karen & Theodore O'Connor Cross Country

Theodore O'Connor: Winter Training 02/11/08b - Day 2

Theodore O Connor playing Emerald BLAK banjo

Theodore OConnor

Theodore O'Connor Rolex 2008

Theodore O'Connor: a true wonder pony

Remembering Theodore O'Connor

Theodore O'Connor -- Florida CCI** Dressage Test Ride Pt1

Theodore O'Connor-Rest In Peace

RIP Theodore O'Connor

Theodore O'Connor: Bad pony. Bad, BAD pony! (2)

Theodore O'Connor

Theodore O'Connor: The Eventing Legend Part 2

R.I.P Theodore O'Connor

Theodore O'Connor Reunited with Christan Trainor (1)

Theodore O'Connor Reunited with Christan Trainor (2)

Theodore O Connor at the Head of the Lake, Rolex 2008

Karen o'connor and theodore o'connor (aka teddy) (live)

Theodore O'Connor: Rocking Horse XC_Coffin (Adv)

What hurts the most: remembering the best Theodore O'Connor

Theodore O'Connor: Rocking Horse Dressage (Adv)

Theodore O Connor

Theodore O'Connor: Winter Training Session 2c (02/11/08)

Theodore O'Connor: Winter Training Session 2 (02/11/08)

Hickstead, Barbaro, Theodore O'connor Tribute

Theodore O'Connor's 20-year-old Mom, galloping with her latest foal.

Horse Fever Series: Theodore O'Connor RIP

"Connaught" by Fleetwater Opposition out of Chelsea's Melody (dam of Theodore O'Connor)

Arthur,Theodore & Ademar oConnor Late Late Toy Show 2010

Teddy O'Connor At Rolex KY 2008

Teddy O'Connor Tribute

The Cranberries - Zombie

Ademar O Connor and Sharon Shannon

Teddy O'Connor Tribute

Shotgun Attic Boys


RIP Teddy

Teddy O'Connor Breyer Interview Short

Teddy O'Connor Rolex 2008 XC Finish Line

Rolex 2007--Teddy

Karen O'Connor & Teddy

2007 Rolex Kentucky Karen O'Connor's Stadium Jumping round on Teddy

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