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Discovering "Flubber" [1997]

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The Absent-Minded Professor

1997 TV Trailer for the movie "Flubber"

Flubber 2015 MOVIE

Son of Flubber (1963 film)

DIY: Flubber

1997 Flubber

Fred MacMurray in Son Of Flubber 1961

Everything Wrong With Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Nutty Professor 1963, Original version- Best scenes (part 1)

End Credits Music from the movie "Flubber"

What Comes In The Night Trailer (Flubber) CMM 385

Presto Humour Flubber Movie Trailer

Flubber: Dance of 1000 Flubbers

Ken Murray in Son Of Flubber 1961

Flubber movie review

Classsic Storyline Flubber Movie Trailer

Son Of Flubber 1961

Nostalgia Critic's Reviews

Flubber: Robin Williams (Professor Philip Brainard) Premiere Interview

Honest Trailers - Super Mario Bros.

Old Dogs 2009 Full Movie

Channel Awesome

Nostalgia Critic

Flubber (1997) Trailer

Old Dogs (2009) Movie - Robin Williams, John Travolta, Seth Green

Everything Wrong With Monsters Inc. In 14 Minutes Or Less

Top 10 Kids' Movies That Don't Hold Up

Comedy movies || Old Dogs (2009) - Robin Williams, John Travolta & Seth Green

Klump Family Dinner - The Nutty Professor (3/12) Movie CLIP (1996) HD


Great Oaks Productions Movie Logo

How to Make Slime (Ninja Turtle Ooze)

Nostalgia critic (older) all episodes part1

Greatest Old Films

Ideal Old Movies

Very best Old Films

Nostalgia Critic - Flubber

Digitized opening to Flubber (UK VHS)

90s Movie Trailers

Flubber Car Attack - Colorized Version

Disney's Video Movie Favorites 1998 Set, McDonald's Retro Happy Meal Toy Series

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