october 22 1958
Donald BYRD "Parisian thoroughfare" (1958)

Donald Byrd - Parisian Thoroughfare - 1958

Donald BYRD "Two-bass hit" (1958)

Donald BYRD "Formidable" (1958)

Donald BYRD "Paul's Pal" (1958)

Donald BYRD "52nd street theme" (1958)

Donald BYRD "Salt peanuts" (1958)

Donald BYRD "At this time" (1958)

Donald BYRD "Salt peanuts - reprise" (1958)

Oldest color videotape recording..WRC-TV dedication May 22, 1958

Donald Byrd - 52nd Street Theme - 1958

Donald Byrd - Formidable - 1958

Sonny Liston vs Bert Whitehurst (October 24, 1958) -XIII-

Donald Byrd - Dear Old Stockholm - 1958

Donald Byrd - Paul's Pals - 1958

Donald Byrd - At This Time - 1958

First 5 US satellites: United States Space Explorations 1958 NASA; Explorer, Vanguard, Pioneer

Town Hall party TV show 1959 starring Eddie Cochran..

United States Space Explorations 1958 pt1-2 NASA 15min 1st 5 US satellites

United States Space Explorations 1958 pt2-2 NASA 4min 1st 5 US satellites

Keith Parkinson Tribute GenCon 2006 Ben Thompson part 1

Keith Parkinson Tribute GenCon 2006 William O'Connor

Carl Perkins at Town hall party - 1958

Keith Parkinson Tribute GenCon 2006 Diesel

Sonny Rollins 1958 - You

Keith Parkinson Tribute GenCon 2006 Ben Thompson part 2

The Collins Kids - I Got Stung (Town Hall Party, 1958)

What's My Line? [1958-60]: Complete Episodes by Air Date

Frank Lloyd Wright on Unity Temple, October 1958

CHS Class of 1958 Mini Reunion

Concentration (October 15, 1958): Part 2a

Today in History: October 23, 1958

Beethoven / Backhaus / Schmidt-Isserstedt, 1958: Piano Concerto in C minor, Op. 37 - Rondo

Sonny Rollins 1958 - You

Cliff Richard - Move It (1958)

George & The Tram – Manoah Steves Elementary (October 22, 2014)

Van Cliburn - 1958 Boston /Schumann, Rachmaninoff

IT'S ALL IN THE GAME ~ Tommy Edwards (1958)

Bay Area Sports Weekly San Francisco Giants NLCS Report October 22, 2012 Game 7

Surrealism Then and Now October 1 Through October 30 1958 Arts Club of Chicago

Miss World 1958 - Penelope Anne Coelen from South Africa

1958 Washington State @ Oregon

Tommy Edwards ~ "It's All In The Game" - Original 45rpm 1958

The Impressions and Jerry Butler - Come Back My Love 1958

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