octaman film

Dark Corners - Octaman: Review

Episode 37 - Octaman

Cinema Apocalypse: Octaman (1971)

Octaman (1971) - Octaman attacks!

Octaman movie clip

Goldfingers Trash-Granaten und B-Movie Perlen Vol.27 "OCTAMAN" (1971) Review/Kritik

Octaman (1971) - Octaman lies in wait

Octaman Trailer


Octaman (1971) - Octaman v Winnebago

Best of Beast: Worst Horror Movie Monsters

Best of Trash (XVI): Drei Engel auf der Todesinsel / Malabimba / Octaman

Today's Feature: Octaman (and softball) STRRRRRANGE Double Feature ...

Pier Angeli (and Jimmy Dean)

Film Quiz - 66 Clips zum Erraten

CFTP Presents: Octoman

Pier Angeli - Topic

Monster Model Review #145 Octaman by MMR Hobbies

Octaman (1971): Part 8/8

Creature Features

movie clips

Schlock Cinema #1 - Octaman (1971) Review

A Polipember |1971| RetroShock! 34


70's Exploitation films

movie clips

POST MORTEM: Rick Baker — Part 2

Pier Angeli

Octaman (1971): Part 7/8

VHS From The Crypt: E2 "Octaman"

Szar Film


[?] Obscure Classics,Trash, Cult & Surreal Movies


Popular Videos - Malabimba

Weird Movie Trailers

weird movie trailers 2

The Drive-In

WHO KILLED CAPTAIN ALEX Original Trailer - Wakaliwood, Uganda - Ramon Film Productions

Incredibly Strange Films - Morton & Rice Favorites

The Films That Ripped Off Star Wars

VHS Logos: Video Gems.


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