o connor eventing team
1 Canadian Eventing Team Training Session - Diana Burnett and Rebecca Howard with David O'Connor

O'Connor Event Team Camp - Summer 2009

O'Connor Eventing Camp 1 - Natural Horsemanship Techniques

HorseJunkiesUnited.com - Karen O'Connor and Mr Medicott - US Eventing Training Session

Karen O'Connor Event 2

Ingrid Klimke and Karen O'Connor: BBC Sydney Olympic Eventing

3 Canadian Eventing Team Training Camp Jessica Phoenix

O'Connor Eventing Camp 2 - Karen O'Connor introduces ECOGOLD

Part 1/2 Jessica Phoenix - Jumping - Canadian Eventing Team Training Camp

Part 2/2 Jessica Phoenix - Jumping - Canadian Eventing Team Training Camp

Part 2/2 Diana Burnett - Jumping - Canadian Eventing Team Training Camp

2 Canadian Eventing Team Training Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch and Kyle Carter

HorseJunkiesUnited.com - 1 David O'Connor at International Eventing Forum

David O'Connor on Rolex Cross-Country Course | #RoadtoRolex13

Dressage lesson with David O'Connor - Osborne 9

David O'Connor USEA High Performance session W/ Caroline Martin

Hind-End, Front-End Yield with David O'Connor

Part 2/2 Diana Burnett - Canadian Eventing Team Training Camp

O'Connor Eventing Camp 3 - XC BOOTS Technology

HorseJunkiesUnited.com - David O'Connor at Canadian Eventing Symposium 2012

RIP Teddy O'Connor

EventingNation.com: Elfing the Canadian WEG Eventing Team

Karen O'Connor Dressage

O'Connor Eventing Camp - Ecogold Saddle Pad Technology

Part 1/2 Diana Burnett - Jumping - Canadian Eventing Team Training Camp

Equestrian - Karen O'Connor - Highlights | London 2012 Olympics

Jump Schooling with David O'Connor

Why Karen and David O'Connor Use SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program

5 Canadian Eventing Team Training - Jessica Phoenix and Pavarotti

Karen O'Connor - Eventing - Niagara Equissage Testimonial

4 Canadian Eventing Team Training - Diana Burnett and Shigatzi

Talking With USEF President And Olympic Eventer David O'Connor

USEF Developing Rider Training with David O'Connor - "Corners"

Karen O'Connor Olympics 2012

Working it out

Ground Pole Schooling Exercise with Karen O'Connor

Team USA claims 4 out of 5 top spots at 2012 National Equestrian Championships: Road to London

Theodore O'Connor: a true wonder pony

Gina Miles and Chanel

Olympic Games Sydney 2000 Team 3DE (BBC)

"It Takes A Sport" A Round Table Discussion

Karen O' Connor & Mandiba @ WEG

Safely Wrap Your Horse's Legs with Max Corcoran

Popular United States Equestrian Team & Eventing videos

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