karen oconner equestrian
Karen O'Connor and Mandiba WEG show jumping

Karen O'Connor & Quintus 54 - 2011 Rolex Kentucky Dressage

Karen O'Connor on How to Stay Fit

Karen O'Connor Talks About Marilyn Little and the #Rolex13 XC Course

Nasty Fall at Badminton 2011

Mandiba & Karen O'Connor WEG 2010 Dressage Phase

Ground Pole Schooling Exercise with Karen O'Connor

Karen O'Connor on Special Memories of Rolex Kentucky | #RoadtoRolex13

Hang on Karen O'Connor!

Karen O'Connor Olympics 2012

Karen O'Connor & Mandiba Stadium

2007 Rolex Kentucky Karen O'Connor & Teddy Go Cross Country!

2012 Morven Park Horse Trials - Advanced Championship - XC

Karen O' Connor & Mandiba @ WEG

Karen O'Connor Equiotic testimonial 2015

Karen O'Connor on Recovery from 2012 Accident | #RoadtoRolex13

Karen O'Connor & RF Amber Eyes Stadium

RIP Teddy O'Connor

Safely Wrap Your Horse's Legs with Max Corcoran

Theodore O'Connor: The Eventing Legend

2007 Rolex Kentucky Karen O'Connor's Dressage Test on Teddy


Theodore O'Connor: Never Forgotten

Adequan World Equestrian Games Preview - Eventing

O'Connor Eventing Camp 2 - Karen O'Connor introduces ECOGOLD

Olympic Equestrian Talks about Romneys' horse

2012 Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event: Cross Country

Club Equestrian 30 Second Commercial

2007 Morven Park Advanced Horse Trials

2010 SVPC Horse Trials - Intermediate XC

Team USA claims 4 out of 5 top spots at 2012 National Equestrian Championships: Road to London

2012 Rolex Kentucky: Interview with Karen O'Connor

Meet Our Elite Equestrians

Ingrid Klimke and Karen O'Connor: BBC Sydney Olympic Eventing

Badminton 2011 | Return Of The O'Connors

Rolex: Equestrian

Mandiba & Karen O'Connor WEG 2010 Cross Country Phase

Karen O'Connor and Veronica - 4th Bromont CCI2 Three Day Event

Wit's End Horse Trials 2007

Teddy O'Connor Rolex 2007 Stadium HOLD YOUR BREATH!

Eventers rule

David O'Connor riding bridleless in a parelli show

Karen O'Connor XC Interview Bromont 2012

Theodore O'Connor: a true wonder pony

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