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Popular Videos - Sunstone & Jewellery

Sunstone Engineering

Sunstone Gemstone Spotlight

Sold! Sunstone gold filled wire wrapped pendant - Vines And Lines Jewelry

Oregon Sunstone at Douglas Fine Jewelry

Jewelry Welding Demo Reel - Orion Jewelry Welders

Unique Non Diamond Engagement Ring with Sunstone and Yellow Gold | Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, CA

Orion Welders - Jewelry Demo Reel 2014

About Sunstone

Jewellery Sunstones

Sunstone Meaning and Crystal Healing

Orion Jewelry Welders - Basics of Pulse-Arc Welding

The Best Collection of Gemstone In The World [ Sunstone ]

Jewelry Welding Demo Video 2015 - Orion Welders

925 Silver Jewellery

Jewelry Welding - Ring Resize

Douglas Jewelry Design

Silver Necklace Repair - Jewelry Welding

Repair Silver Pendant - Jewelry Welding

Retip and Build up Prongs on Silver - Jewelry Welding

Close or Repair 0.7mm Silver Chain - Jewelry Welding

Jewelry Welding - Prong Welding

Dalan Hargrave on Passing The Torch Oregon Sunstone Art

Orion Welders - Jewelry Welding Playlist

Orion Jewelry Welders - Welder Setup Overview

Orion Jewelry Welders - Welding Stainless Steel

Rarities Peach Sunstone, Gemstone 'Art Deco' Ring

Jewelry Welding - Prong Re-tipping

One Weld 1.5mm Silver Ring Resize - Jewelry Welding

Jewelry Welding - Bezel

Repair a Prong on a Silver Ring - Jewelry Welding

Jewelry Welding - Earring Post

Rarities Sunstone and Spessartite Garnet 10K Ring

Resistance Welding - 5mil Gold to 30mil Gold Jewelry Pendant

Close or Repair 0.6mm Silver Chain - Jewelry Welding

Sunstone vid from Santa Cruz

Jewelry Welding - Gold Ring

Orion Jewelry Welders - Stereo Microscope Setup

Popular Filigree & Jewellery videos

Close or Repair 0.24mm Silver Chain - Jewelry Welding

Natural Yellow Oregon Sunstone Gem 4 79 ct

Healing with Sunstone

Constructing a Silver Jewelry Pendant with an Orion Welder

Orion Jewelry Welders - Resistance Welding Basics

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