density octane

evo 8 at the drag strip

Aurora Designer Fuels

1992 Galant VR4 - 425/1000 - street tune - 18psi - 361whp

Portable Fuel Analyzer - Training Video (long version2)

E-Spec tunes 600hp on 93 octane

Simulation of turbulent atomization of iso-octane direct injection

Dyno pull at Procom Race Systems - Tom's River, NJ

AUDI S5 GIAC stage 2 65-100MPH

Tuttle's Evo IX Dyno

1994 Audi S4 GT35R Dyno Run on Pump 91 Octane 488whp

2014 Accord V6 Sedan 0-60 - Stock Tune on 87 Octane

Tuned Subaru STI 2011 with Speed Density & Flat Foot Shift & Lunch Control & Auto Blip.

2014 Audi S5 B8.5 3.0T APR Stage 2+ 0-200kph

C.1 Specific energy and energy density (SL)

Audi RS4 with JHM exhaust vs Mercedes E63 AMG 'S' bone stock

377 cube LSX w/ F1x tuning at Tick Performance

Trend Motors Volkswagen Performs Complimentary Diesel Fuel Quality and Density Test

2012 ZL1 724 HP run

Skull smoke 2

Audi s5 giac stage 2 35-100mph

Audi s5 giac stage 2 60-130mph

2014 Accord V6 Sedan 0-60 Very Cold Weather Run (93 Octane)

SL Option C Energy (IB Chemistry)

2013 Mustang 5.0 Vortech

Chickens GSX 558AWHP Dyno Stock Block

Sino's Subaru STI 563 wheel HP Dyno + Fireball

Karbonn Titanium Octane Plus Full Specifications

Browning Tuned - Shane Thrash 99 SS camaro

Old Speed Density code related

APR Stage 3 B8 A4 Quarter Mile

2013 WRX vs 16g Eagle Talon

ERASPEC - Spectral fuel analysis in seconds

Cetane number

RJays Swift Mesh Jacket

Injector Dynamics 2200cc injectors stock ECU rock solid idle

Bubbles with Variable Density

Cadillac CTS-V running 10s

RC51 on the dyno at Adrenaline Service & Dyno Tune in SLC, UT.

2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX Electric Blue SSL with Map EF3 Turbo Upgrade

8 energy density and specific energy

Logic Bomb - High Density

Logic bomb - High Density (Live at Soltice Music Festival)

testing gopro suction cup mount

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ICH Guidelines

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IPNY's Annual Drag Tag Sale at Ice Palace, Cherry Grove, Fire Island - 2014

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Lanka Srinivas _Overview of ICH GCP Guidelines

Lanka Srinivas _Overview of ICH GCP Guidelines