bel canto strings
Bel Canto Strings Academy

D.Shostakovich - Adagio

Fur Elise - Bel Canto Strings Academy

THRILLER! A Bel Canto Strings Academy Halloween Music Video

Pachelbel's Canon and Harry's Wondrous World - Massed Bel Canto at Strings Fest 2015

Stand by Me - Bel Canto Strings Academy

1812 Overture performed by Bel Canto Strings Academy

DITTERSDORF BELCANTO THOMASTIK strings. Damián Rubido González, bass. Follow links below for+strings

BOTTESINI BELCANTO THOMASTIK strings, Damián Rubido González, bass. Follow links below for +strings

Nadia's Theme - Bel Canto Junior Orchestra

Bel Canto Massed Orchestra - Harry Potter

Do Re Mi - Hamilton Strings Fest 2012 Beginner Orchestra

Belcanto in Valkenburg aan de Geul

BOTTESINI: Elegy. Trying a double bass by Domenico Degani and bel canto strings with our friend Pati

Billionaire - Bel Canto Music Camp

O Canada - Chamber Strings + Senior 1st Violins at McMaster Marauders Football

Huron Carol - Adult Strings at Erskine Community Christmas Concert

Bye Bye So Long - Michael Gabriel, Strings Atached

Pickin' Rock and Frosty the Snowman - Junior Orchestra at Strings Fest 2015

1812 Overture Finale - Bel Canto Advanced Orchestra

Adult Strings: Greensleeves Variant

Proud Mary - Bel Canto Glee Club

Michelle - Bel Canto Music Camp

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Bel Canto Advanced Orchestra

True Colours - Bel Canto Glee Club

Once Upon A December - Juniors at Strings Fest 2014

Adult Strings: Ashokan Farewell

Don't Stop Believin - Bel Canto Glee Club

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest - Bel Canto Advanced Orchestra

"Bye Bye, So Long" Chamber Strings in rehearsal with Michael Gabriel

Winter - Seniors at Strings Fest 2014

Eye of the Tiger - Bel Canto Music Camp

O Fortuna - Adults at Strings Fest 2014

Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers - Adult Strings at StringsFest 2015

Lara's Theme from Dr Zhivago - Chamber Strings at 2015 Spring Concert

Bluegrass Country and James Bond Theme - Senior Orchestra at Strings Fest 2015

Remote Control - Senior Orchestra @ Strings Fest

Lord of the Rings - Senior Orchestra and Adult Strings at 2015 Spring Concert

3 Blind Mice - Beginner Orchestra at Strings Fest 2015

DITTERSDORF OBLIGATO PIRASTRO strings. Damián Rubido González , bass. Follow the links for +strings

We are the Champions - Bel Canto Music Camp

Bach Fugue in G minor - Chamber Strings at StringsFest 2015

D'Addario Kaplan Medium Tension Bass Strings Review

Harry's Wondrous World

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